The Chiusa di Manacco is the part of the Cappuccini property that a century ago the landowner granted to the sharecropper Manacco to allow him to cultivate oil for his family in return for his services.

Located close to the farmhouse in the lower part of the property, near the previously inhabited village, it has the main cultivars of the region: Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and Rosciola.

Manacco is our blend of these varieties, expertly dosed and processed to get a combination of unique aromas and tastes, and its name is synonymous with tradition and care.

The intensity of the moraiolo is softened by the others and the final result is complex but balanced. This oil is definitely softer and can be coupled with more delicate dishes.


Experts say: 
MANACCO is one of the finalists in Leone d'Oro 2020 international contest, "blend" category. From the panel organoleptic test: Fruity: 5,4. Bitter: 6,1. Spicy: 5,8. Complexity: 4,8. Harmony: 4,9. Green almond: 4,1. Sweet almond: 3,1. Artichoke: 4,3. Aromatic herbs: 3,0. Olive leaf: 3,3. Walnut: 3,0. Herbaceous: 3,0. Median flaws: 0,0. Median fruity: 5,4. Mediana bitter: 6,1. Mediana spicy: 5,8.
(Leone d'oro 2020 international contest)