Baptism of fire for RADICI

RADICI is our new product in harvest 2020-21, and it's a Nostrale di Rigali monocultivar.

After a long accurate research in the area where this olive is widespread, we finally succeeded in starting a positive relationship with a local farmer. Thanks to our agronomist Giuseppe Colantoni and miller Giulio Mannelli the first " experiments" with this olive s is truly good.

RADICI represents for usa more than a simple project to promote this special cultivar: it takes us back to our origins, 'cause our family - as you should know if you read our last news - comes from Salmaregia, 5 kms far from Rigali - the small village that gives its name to the cultivar.

Together with Nocera Umbra, Gualdo Tadino and the sorrounding Appenines this territory  is as interesting as it is unknown. Who knows,  our new extra virgin olive oil might become an ambassador of this area...

Meanwhile we registered RADICI for Leone d'oro International 2021, and it succeded in getting in to the selection of this important contest. Thanks to president Maria Paola Gabusi and her panel for this - first - recognition.

'nostrale di rigali'
'leone d'oro'
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