Prevention first

Diet and health are strictly connected. After Covid-19 emergency we'll have to remember that a good diet is like a medicine for our organism.

The preface of La dieta SmartFood (Rizzoli 2016; Eliana Liotta, journalist with Lucilla Titta, nutritionist and professor Pier Giuseppe Pellicci from I.E.O. - European Institute of Oncology, Milan) says: "Nowawadays we realized some foods behave like a medicine, 'cause they're able to cure and protect our organism". This book shows some interesting advices (consigli SmartFood) to follow a healthy diet.

Since we're olive oil producers we're proud to recommend that extra virgin olive oil is the main condiment, it's better to choose the one obtained by cold pressing and use it raw. But...

1. Is evo oil only a condiment?

Not at all! An excellent extra virgin olive oil is more.

That's why an official panel must verify the absence of defects and define which positive attributes are present: principals are fruity, bitter, pungent/spicy, secondaries are grass, chicory, almond, artichoke, tomato, apple, exotic fruit and so on.

For example the ASSAM panel, in the event called XVII rassegna nazionale degli oli monovarietali, found “scent of almond and artichoke” in our I FRATI. They defined it “fedium-intense fruity, herbaceous”.

2. What's the best way to use it?

We agree upon raw choice, 'cause it allows to appreciate intact aromas and tastes.

Talking about health we only quote what the Fondazione Veronesi website says: "Therefore using extra virgin olive oil is a good source of several precious and useful elements for the wellnes of our organism. But which is the correct quantity to take? Raw or cooked?  Not more than 3 sppons a day for a healthy anda balanced diet. In fact oil is not a medicine, and an excessive consumption doesn't reduce the amount of cholesterol, it actually increases it!... raw is better than cooked. But we must say that extra virgin olive oil is not  damaging in cooked food. Thanks to a significant percentage of oliec acid it has an elevated smoke point and it remains stable at high temperatures: heat resistance and  presence of antioxidant make it  excellent for cooking too".

3. What "cold pressing" means?

"Cold pressing" - or "cold extraction" - means a virgin or extra virgin olive oil is obtained at a temperature below 27°C from a mechanical pressing - or by percolation or centrifugation - of the olive paste (Commission Regulation EC n. 1019/2002, art. 5).

Our evo oils are obtained by cold extraction too: we pay a great attemption to temperature during the production process, and we know our miller takes care of it. Thanks to that organolpetic properties and a greater number polyphenols are safe (about polyphenols and health:Teatro Naturale: I polifenoli dell'olio d'oliva proteggono il nostro corpo dallo stress ossidativo, ecco perchè).

4. Last but not least

Only two recommendations:

- evo oils are different, choose the one with the best features for your recipe

- opt for organic products from sustainable industries

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