Preserve, guarantee, evolve

These are our goals: Preserve the ecosystem by reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes, ensuring the fertility of the soil and the health of our plants, respecting our workers and their expertise. Guarantee the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, through sustainable agricultural techniques, production processes and choices that enhance organic properties and maintain healthy qualities, and effective and transparent means of communication. Evolve in the techniques of cultivation and the management of the company by taking a critical approach to innovation and the rediscovery of efficacious ancient practices, without jeopardising the above aims. How do we try to put all this into practice? By: - caring for the existing trees, rather than destroying them and opting for more performant plants and more mechanised processes; - starting the conversion to organic farming; - working with highly skilled professionals; - embracing production technologies that are innovative yet respectful of both people and the environment; - adopting shared and multidisciplinary decision-making processes.