Rigali is a small village in the municipal district of Gualdo Tadino, and its name is strictly connected with the Nostrale di Rigali (or Rigalese).

This cultivar comes from a restricted area along the Appennini mountain chain, in Umbria and Marche regions, near Gualdo Tadino, Nocera Umbra, Gubbio and Pesaro. Across the centuries the trees adapted themsevles to a really hostile habitat - mainly because of altitude and cold weather.

The fruits of this cultivar are used as table olives or to produce an excellent evo oil, with a scent of tomato leave. 

About 5 kms far from Rigali the hamlet of  Salmaregia stands: this is the place where our family has its roots ("RADICI" means "ROOTS"), and that's why we care this cultivar so much.

Thanks to a long and accurate research, helped by our agronomist Giuseppe Colantoni, we succeeded in finding some special olive groves, in a suggestive landscape.

Together with local farmers, our miller and other partners we lead this project to give value to the Rigalese and its territory.